Fake News Everywhere !

According to social media threads, the girl, who went viral on internet due to reports of her traumatic facial disfigurment caused by several surgeries in her quest to look like a famous celebrity Angelina Jolie, has finally admitted that all her photo posts showing her disfigured face were not real but works of fine photo shop editing.
But wait a minute, long before her alleged admission of truth, her news were appearing on almost all prominent cyber threads. People were reading, commenting, sharing and spreading the content with full zeal and zest. They were going mad about it and needless to mention that media houses, blogs and pages were making money from every click and every view.

Would somebody tell me, what we finally get in the end? A mere realization of the fact that entire activity surrounding the so called viral post was fake. Wow wow wow.

Who think there is a cure to this? Its only one example and there may be many many more news which are not true but the favourite of all ‘fake news’ and the cyber space is full of this waste. Fake news everywhere and there is surely no fix because its about filthy economics which knows no moral or ethical boundaries.


Author: toorana

A wondering soul with an unbiased approach towards life and its realities. A seeker of hope & happiness. Keen in sharing personal thaughts and views in their original form. Always welcome positive ideas. A Corporate Lawyer by profession, who enjoy doing his job.

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