What Do Robots Eat?

We all know aliens. We all know that they are more advanced than us. We all know from Stephen Hawking that one day they will come to us from another world and establish their control on every thing.
No one has any clue about the time of occurence of this so called alien encounter. We all have idea that it is not going to happen tonight or tomorrow. So, we in a casual manner follow our office routines, come back home and go to sleep to wake up the next morning and continue our jobs.

Yes, we all are doing the right thing. Because, if the alien came, we will easily notice them. We will distinguish them and fight them in our streets. We will not let them take control of our world. After all, we live here. We have our jobs to do. We have our lives to manage. So, for this time, we are not in any hastle. At this time no one is invading our world.

Very few of us, however, know that we are already invaded. Not from the galaxy above, but from the world within. We have been invaded by AI, automation and our own machines. No, it is not another flimsy theory. It’s actually happening right under our nose.

You can verify it from any credible source. Technology is taking control of our lives. Machines are replacing men in factories and fields. Computers are taking care of our businesses. Systems are keeping an eye on our wealth. We are getting limited to eating and sleeping only. That too according to instructions of clever softwares.

All these developments, putting more and more contol in the ‘iron hands’ which means, they are perfecting their place in this very world of ours. we like robots because they work non-stop and never fall ill. They alone can work tirelessly and more than what many men can do together. And above all they don’t eat!

Here, we are wrong my friends. I bet robots eat. They eat our jobs!


Author: toorana

A wondering soul with an unbiased approach towards life and its realities. A seeker of hope & happiness. Keen in sharing personal thaughts and views in their original form. Always welcome positive ideas. A Corporate Lawyer by profession, who enjoy doing his job.

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