The Silent Me

Silence is also a form of communication. Rather, most complex form of communication. In our routine lives, we are often required to interpret silence and predict the message hidden behind it. But it is not an easy job. A tiny mis-understanding of a loved ones silence can lead us to a wrong conclusion and even can ruin a charished relationship. It requires a thorough consideration of circumstances surrounding a silent individual, deep understanding of his personality and a conscious analysis of sutuation, before we can step forward towards a conclusion. Based on our conclusion, we are further required to opt for the most suitable strategy for tackling the situation. We have to decide, whether to interrupt the silence or let it continue. Because, some times it is bad and some time it is good.
Occasionally, I also get silent. Some times due to anger on certain thing or person. But after few hours of silence, my inner self wants that I may be asked why I am silent. I quickly welcome such intervention, talk some nonsense and come back to normal by leaving anger behind.

Few times, my silence has roots in my creative nature. I am silent because, I am thinking about some idea. It may be trash for you but to me its meant to save mankind. So, I love not to be disturbed in this sort of situation.

On a lighter note, people around me tend to messup with the interpretation of my mood. They fail to understand the silent me. So, when I am angry because of non availability of my favourite food and want badly that some one might come, ask the reason of my bad mood and eventually provide me with my favourite treat, they refrain from even making a slightest contact imagining that I may be flying with ‘Einstein’. And when I am silent, literally because of my creative thinking, they feel necessary to disturb me in the name of consolation. How lucky I am!

However, on a serious note, if we try to make a list of probable causes behind silence of an individual, we can enlist following compelling reasons:

  • Pain;
  • Failure;
  • Emptyness;
  • Inner peace;
  • Serenity;
  • Thoughtfulness;
  • Creativity;
  • Planning
  • Loneliness;
  • Fears;
  • Wisdom;
  • Revival
  • Anger or;
  • Struggle etc.

So, when we are able to identify accurately the real cause behind a silence, only then, we are able to decide what to do in response.

It is fine not to interrupt a good and constructive slience, but it is necessary to break into a grey silence zone and help the indulged person recover and revitalize. It is however, needed to be kept in mind that personal boundaries and self esteem should not be affected. And that our intervention should take place in most friendly and comfortable manner. It can have devastating consequences, if executed wrongly.



Author: toorana

A wondering soul with an unbiased approach towards life and its realities. A seeker of hope & happiness. Keen in sharing personal thaughts and views in their original form. Always welcome positive ideas. A Corporate Lawyer by profession, who enjoy doing his job.

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