Failure always is not your Fault !

Failure is hard to digest. It is so dangerous that even the bravest cringe while thinking of it. It is such a predominant reality that sometimes, we start putting efforts not for achieving success but only to avoid a failure.  Failure never comes alone. It is accompanied by darkest stigmas. Stigmas that put lasting impact on one’s name and reputation. Failure and its stigmas follow us everywhere.

Failure is rarely considered a natural phenomenon. We are forced to confess that it occurs because of some gruesome mistake from our side. We are made to believe that it is due to our own wrong doing. We are left alone to bear all the responsibility for our failures, no matter what has caused them.


We start blaming ourselves for all small or big failures. We conclude that our failures have resulted from our non-serious attitude and incapacity. Consequently, we start to undermine our capabilities, talents and merits. We stop making efforts. we let go our resolve for achieving success through our ambitions and enthusiasm.


This scenario however, is not as per reality. Reality is that failure always is not our fault. All sort of propaganda around failure and its causes is not natural. Such false conclusions are inflicted upon us from outwards. We need to understand that every time we encounter a failure, it’s not because of any fault in our actions, planning or strategy. Often there are numerous external factors behind a failed initiative which have nothing to do with our personal merits and demerits. Failure always is not due to our lack of persistence, lack of humility, in-efficient networking, neglect of advice, distraction, or irresponsibility.


There can be any one or more of the fallowing possible reasons behind a failed attempt: –


1-      Scarcity of resources, essential for turning your idea into reality.

2-      Lack of necessary support from family, peers, or community.

3-      Economic and social factors capable of shaking the basis of your implements.

4-      Change in trends and technologies that are relevant to your basic plans.

5-      Political de-stability and turmoil.

6-      Any many more.

It is therefore, needed that every time we come across a situation called failure, we stay strong and focused. We are simply required to assess the hurdles and start working on putting a fix against such hurdles. It is good, if we can rectify a problem and it is fine, if we are unable to do so. We can always embrace failure as a tool of learning and start our journey a fresh. Our ultimate goal should not be to hide from a probable failure be to achieve success in all circumstances. Because, we deserve it.

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Author: toorana

A wondering soul with an unbiased approach towards life and its realities. A seeker of hope & happiness. Keen in sharing personal thaughts and views in their original form. Always welcome positive ideas. A Corporate Lawyer by profession, who enjoy doing his job.

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