Some Serious Advice on Weight Loss!

It is important what plan of action is selected, but it is more important how and when we act to implement the plan of action.


It was my 6th consecutive day while surfing through the internet in quest of a suitable plan of action. What plan of action? Obviously, to loose weight (fingers crossed). Yes, I was noticing for quite some time that I was gaining a bit excessive load of fats slightly above and around my waist. But rarely, I did something material to deal with the issue. Infect, to me personally, this never even looked like an issue at all, till others started pointing towards it (well, actually they started pointing towards my tummy…. I have deliberately replaced the word ‘tummy’ with ‘it’ because ‘it’ appears relatively smaller and flatter). When others point towards it, one can imagine, how heartbreaking and pinching it could be. Some, so called manner less friends of mine, started highlighting the issue, by literally poking their fingers into my belly, as if, they are pinching needle into a balloon in their quest to cause a big bang.

Ultimately, after experiencing a dozens of ridiculous rather humiliating pokes, I finally decided to improve the situation. Now, the million-dollar question was, what should be done to improve the situation? Hence therefore, for past 6 days, I was relentlessly surfing the internet to find an accurate answer to this question. So far, I have watched a plenty full of you tube videos, scrolled through hundreds of online articles, and read countless blogs and tutorials. Ironically, all this experience, instead of solving the issue, added fuel to the fire (even literally added few extra pounds of fats to my body. Because, I was doing all this search lying in my bed and eating snacks all day long). Despite my tireless efforts, I got more confused on what to be done to quench the issue of weight gain.

To my surprise, internet was full of confusing and distracting information. Some strategies said, long sessions of exercise prove good for weight loss while the other recommended low diet plans. There were essays which proved through evidence that neither exercise nor low diet plans are helpful in loosing weight. I read somewhere that weight loss strategies can even turn you more fat (and it was horrifying enough, to convince me to shut down the computer and burry the weight loss agenda, if I want to save my life). I came across stories of individuals who accomplished their weight loss goals by following altogether different and distinctive strategies and routines.

Only when my confusion was at its peak and I was about to quit all my dreams of a slim, smart and healthy life, a bright thought suddenly sparkled in my mind and readily accepted by my heart. I wondered, though all the above ideas, plans, strategies and work plans were different, yet they had one ingredient in common. They all called for action. They all approve resilience and endurance. They all recognize effectiveness of continuous and untiring efforts. If, I want to realize my dream of an active lifestyle, all I need is to stop thinking and start acting. It is important what plan of action is selected, but it is more important how and when we act to implement the plan of action.

Since that thought, I am on my toes and believe me things are getting better!

Author: toorana

A wondering soul with an unbiased approach towards life and its realities. A seeker of hope & happiness. Keen in sharing personal thaughts and views in their original form. Always welcome positive ideas. A Corporate Lawyer by profession, who enjoy doing his job.

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