Failure always is not your Fault !

Failure is hard to digest. It is so dangerous that even the bravest cringe while thinking of it. It is such a predominant reality that sometimes, we start putting efforts not for achieving success but only to avoid a failure.  Failure never comes alone. It is accompanied by darkest stigmas. Stigmas that put lasting impact on one’s name and reputation. Failure and its stigmas follow us everywhere.

Failure is rarely considered a natural phenomenon. We are forced to confess that it occurs because of some gruesome mistake from our side. We are made to believe that it is due to our own wrong doing. We are left alone to bear all the responsibility for our failures, no matter what has caused them.


We start blaming ourselves for all small or big failures. We conclude that our failures have resulted from our non-serious attitude and incapacity. Consequently, we start to undermine our capabilities, talents and merits. We stop making efforts. we let go our resolve for achieving success through our ambitions and enthusiasm.


This scenario however, is not as per reality. Reality is that failure always is not our fault. All sort of propaganda around failure and its causes is not natural. Such false conclusions are inflicted upon us from outwards. We need to understand that every time we encounter a failure, it’s not because of any fault in our actions, planning or strategy. Often there are numerous external factors behind a failed initiative which have nothing to do with our personal merits and demerits. Failure always is not due to our lack of persistence, lack of humility, in-efficient networking, neglect of advice, distraction, or irresponsibility.


There can be any one or more of the fallowing possible reasons behind a failed attempt: –


1-      Scarcity of resources, essential for turning your idea into reality.

2-      Lack of necessary support from family, peers, or community.

3-      Economic and social factors capable of shaking the basis of your implements.

4-      Change in trends and technologies that are relevant to your basic plans.

5-      Political de-stability and turmoil.

6-      Any many more.

It is therefore, needed that every time we come across a situation called failure, we stay strong and focused. We are simply required to assess the hurdles and start working on putting a fix against such hurdles. It is good, if we can rectify a problem and it is fine, if we are unable to do so. We can always embrace failure as a tool of learning and start our journey a fresh. Our ultimate goal should not be to hide from a probable failure be to achieve success in all circumstances. Because, we deserve it.

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The Silent Me

Silence is also a form of communication. Rather, most complex form of communication. In our routine lives, we are often required to interpret silence and predict the message hidden behind it. But it is not an easy job. A tiny mis-understanding of a loved ones silence can lead us to a wrong conclusion and even can ruin a charished relationship. It requires a thorough consideration of circumstances surrounding a silent individual, deep understanding of his personality and a conscious analysis of sutuation, before we can step forward towards a conclusion. Based on our conclusion, we are further required to opt for the most suitable strategy for tackling the situation. We have to decide, whether to interrupt the silence or let it continue. Because, some times it is bad and some time it is good.
Occasionally, I also get silent. Some times due to anger on certain thing or person. But after few hours of silence, my inner self wants that I may be asked why I am silent. I quickly welcome such intervention, talk some nonsense and come back to normal by leaving anger behind.

Few times, my silence has roots in my creative nature. I am silent because, I am thinking about some idea. It may be trash for you but to me its meant to save mankind. So, I love not to be disturbed in this sort of situation.

On a lighter note, people around me tend to messup with the interpretation of my mood. They fail to understand the silent me. So, when I am angry because of non availability of my favourite food and want badly that some one might come, ask the reason of my bad mood and eventually provide me with my favourite treat, they refrain from even making a slightest contact imagining that I may be flying with ‘Einstein’. And when I am silent, literally because of my creative thinking, they feel necessary to disturb me in the name of consolation. How lucky I am!

However, on a serious note, if we try to make a list of probable causes behind silence of an individual, we can enlist following compelling reasons:

  • Pain;
  • Failure;
  • Emptyness;
  • Inner peace;
  • Serenity;
  • Thoughtfulness;
  • Creativity;
  • Planning
  • Loneliness;
  • Fears;
  • Wisdom;
  • Revival
  • Anger or;
  • Struggle etc.

So, when we are able to identify accurately the real cause behind a silence, only then, we are able to decide what to do in response.

It is fine not to interrupt a good and constructive slience, but it is necessary to break into a grey silence zone and help the indulged person recover and revitalize. It is however, needed to be kept in mind that personal boundaries and self esteem should not be affected. And that our intervention should take place in most friendly and comfortable manner. It can have devastating consequences, if executed wrongly.


What Do Robots Eat?

We all know aliens. We all know that they are more advanced than us. We all know from Stephen Hawking that one day they will come to us from another world and establish their control on every thing.
No one has any clue about the time of occurence of this so called alien encounter. We all have idea that it is not going to happen tonight or tomorrow. So, we in a casual manner follow our office routines, come back home and go to sleep to wake up the next morning and continue our jobs.

Yes, we all are doing the right thing. Because, if the alien came, we will easily notice them. We will distinguish them and fight them in our streets. We will not let them take control of our world. After all, we live here. We have our jobs to do. We have our lives to manage. So, for this time, we are not in any hastle. At this time no one is invading our world.

Very few of us, however, know that we are already invaded. Not from the galaxy above, but from the world within. We have been invaded by AI, automation and our own machines. No, it is not another flimsy theory. It’s actually happening right under our nose.

You can verify it from any credible source. Technology is taking control of our lives. Machines are replacing men in factories and fields. Computers are taking care of our businesses. Systems are keeping an eye on our wealth. We are getting limited to eating and sleeping only. That too according to instructions of clever softwares.

All these developments, putting more and more contol in the ‘iron hands’ which means, they are perfecting their place in this very world of ours. we like robots because they work non-stop and never fall ill. They alone can work tirelessly and more than what many men can do together. And above all they don’t eat!

Here, we are wrong my friends. I bet robots eat. They eat our jobs!

Fake News Everywhere !

According to social media threads, the girl, who went viral on internet due to reports of her traumatic facial disfigurment caused by several surgeries in her quest to look like a famous celebrity Angelina Jolie, has finally admitted that all her photo posts showing her disfigured face were not real but works of fine photo shop editing.
But wait a minute, long before her alleged admission of truth, her news were appearing on almost all prominent cyber threads. People were reading, commenting, sharing and spreading the content with full zeal and zest. They were going mad about it and needless to mention that media houses, blogs and pages were making money from every click and every view.

Would somebody tell me, what we finally get in the end? A mere realization of the fact that entire activity surrounding the so called viral post was fake. Wow wow wow.

Who think there is a cure to this? Its only one example and there may be many many more news which are not true but the favourite of all ‘fake news’ and the cyber space is full of this waste. Fake news everywhere and there is surely no fix because its about filthy economics which knows no moral or ethical boundaries.

First Step is Half Success

We all love our dreams. They contain our deepest aspirations, a reflection of our souls, and a hint of our true selves. Floating theough the milky way of our dreams, we envision the most perfect and the most desired form of our lives. Life that is perfect in all aspects. Life that is enchanting and bright. 
In the world of our dreams, we have smooth plans to do the things, our heart whispers to us. In the world of our dreams, we set flawless agendas to accomplish the goals, our mind tells us to concour. Our dreams therefore, without any doubt contain all the ingredients of a dream life. Our very own dream life.

Irony strikes, our most charished, most desired, and most wanted dream life never comes out of our mere world of dreams. This fate of our dreams is not by default actually. It is because, we never let it happen. Due to our fears and shyness, we keep abstaining from taking even a very first step towards realization of our dreams. We get afraid that world has never done what our dreams tell us. We think our selves silly and presume that the wise world of reality will shun us, if we tried to materialize such silliness. We get afraid of failure. We get afraid of doing it the first time. As a result of this, we start living in two worlds. One world for so called reality life and the other secret and silly world of our dreams.

But those my friends, wo are able to muster even the smallest courage to take a small first step towards converting there dream into a reality are the real blessed ones. When they are able to councour their fears and manage to sprinkle the tiny amounts of stardust from their dreams into their actions, they suddenly find that it has brought to them the profoundest joys, panorama of vision, the fountain of possibility and real force of their inner selves.

And wait a minute, this is not taking you to another dream, you can see such examples arround you in this very realistic world. I bet you know, who is the king of computers, who owns the social media’s most successful platform, who’s song takes the world in a single go, who most glamourosly put the ball in the goal bla bla.

So my friends a first step is half success. Never be afraid of taking it. I have taken one today and created this blog and I know things are going to improve. Just as I see in my dreams 🙂